Feb 18, 2012

Sicily (part I)

In 2007 I with classmates went in Sicily. (the greatest island of Italy - with greatest I mean the total area of land). Sicily is also known as the mother of Italian mafia. Surely Sicily can offer much more to tourists than mafia history.
We departed from the port of Genoa and landed to the port of Palermo. Afterwards we have visited a few cities like Bagheria, Siracusa and others. Unfortunately I don't remember the all the cities where the photos have been taken... It is a real shame.

It has been interesting and we had had long walks that when we arrived at the hotel at the end of day we were already exhausted. (Note that there, at least in 2007, the buses were not as comfortable as you may expect.)

I don't even remember how many days we stayed in Sicily (less than one week)... but what I can surely tell you is that if you have the opportunity to make a tour in Sicily - do it!

Today I'll put some photos, but this is the part one. So it may also be the second part..

PS.: I excuse for the quality of photos. Next time, I will put some better quality photos.

These colours were waiting for us at the arrival to the hotel.

Villa Vittime Della Mafia

This is not a photo montage!

Villa Cattolica - a museum in Bagheria (Baaria)
that a town not far from Palermo.

Some interior of this villa (I was not allowed to take this picture)

This is the grave of Renato Guttuso, an Italian painter.

The front of Villa Cattolica in Bagheria.

It is not usual to see a police car like this one. (Siracusa, I think)

Siracusa, I think.

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