Feb 16, 2012

A tour to Fiat in Torino - an automobile manufacturer in Italy

Years ago, but to be precise it was in October 2007, me and my schoolmates had visited the bigger automobile manufacturer in Italy. It is Fiat.
Here are some photos of some cars they produce and also some photos of "secret" production process. I was not allowed to take those photos, but I couldn't resist!

My own opinion - the cars look good. The problem is their cost...
Fiat owns also Lancia and Alfa Romeo

These are a couple of new Fiat 500. The new version of most popular car in Italy after the second Great World War.

The rear view of Fiat 500.

The interior of Fiat 500.

Alfa Romeo Spyder. It looks like an
Alfa Romeo Brera but in cabriolet version!

Fiat Panda is the only 4x4 car produced by Fiat. This new version
looks much better than the previous!

Fiat Bravo. Nothing to say... it is like an VW Golf with 5 doors.

Each car is fixed on these yellow things. It is called
manufacturing cell.

This is the final product. Before it gets to the
market it must pass some tests, obviously.

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