Feb 19, 2012

Sicily (part III) - Modica

Modica is a city in the Province of Ragusa, southern Italy. It is part of UNESCO Heritage Sites in Italy.
Modica was also the birth place of writer Salvatore Quasimodo, recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1959.
Below there are some photos taken in Modica in 2007.

To be continued... this is not the last part!

The Castle of the Counts of Modica.

I don't remember what is this...

Church of San Pietro in Modica (note that it is baroque style)

View of Modica from the clocktower.

View of Modica from the clocktower.

The dial of the clock of clocktower in Modica.
The clocktower was built in 1725 and still has
the original mechanism. It has to be wound
regularly and is controlled by huge
springs and weights.

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